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Transition to Change Management

Spring has arrived! and though I know it’s just a few short weeks until we have full-out Summer here in Michigan, I’m always thrilled to see the transition and renewal that happens in the Spring.  

This year I’m reflecting on a time, pre-pandemic, when transition to change was often sluggish. Prioritization of change initiatives and projects was often based on size and expense., rather than what the benefit of the change may be. One of the many side effects of the COVID pandemic is the turbocharging digital change. Now almost every company is in the midst of digital transformation. Traditional project focus has shifted to a compounding, unending “waves” of change and this is why change management is expanding as both a discipline and profession. 

What many executive leadership teams once termed ‘expensive’ in terms of technology has now become a question of value. This new understanding of value has changed the conversation at the highest levels of almost every corporation. 

A huge change-management effort is underway as companies look toward building change management competency in their organizations. For those on the frontline of these changes, the next five years will look nothing like the last five years in terms of digital transformation. Project managers will incorporate organizational change management tools and techniques into their day-to-day leadership of change. Human resource professional education will include change management as a part of the toolkit to ensure people are able to successfully move through the transition of a current state to the future state. 

As we move though this current transition, change management skills and expertise will continue to grow in both influence and importance. Let us guide and prepare you to help others prepare for change. 

Recognized as one of the Top 30 Global Guru’s in Organizational Culture both in 2021 & 2022, April is an internationally known organizational change management expert who has implemented change for government, health care, higher education and corporate clients. April is the author of four books including the bestsellers “READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change” and “READY, Set, CCMP™ Exam Prep Guide".  Contact her at [email protected]