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Stories of Change

Our world has seen more disruption than in the last 24 months than we have seen in the past 24 years. This constant change has left little time to ensure change adoption and as I’m sure you’re aware, the stakes are high. We need a coordinated approach to change for our projects, more now than ever. 

The traditional approach to organizational change management, often defined by lengthy timelines, complicated templates, and sluggish rollouts, is antiquated.  As organizations rethink priorities, move between in-person and virtual worlds, and flex to meet shifting strategic goals, the type of change management needed in this moment is quick and agile.

In my book, READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change I’ve proposed a five-step framework to move to a more agile change process. The first of the five steps is creating a Relevant and Relatable Story of Change. 

People need stories. Think about the last time you heard a story. Maybe it was your colleague telling a story about their vacation, or a spouse sharing a story from their day. When my children were young, we read stories every night before bed. The lessons we learn from stories stay with us longer than information. A relevant and relatable story about change is a proven and effective way to cast the vision of change. Rather than trying to provide logic and bullet points about the need for change, a story will share the why of the change in a way that most people can easily understand. Sharing the change vision as a story that is both relevant and relatable is the first step on the journey of change adoption. 

Achieving change management objectives is difficult in any environment, but in this world of constant change, stories provide lasting images and messages to create simpler, and more agile approaches to change. 

Recognized as one of the Top 30 Global Guru’s in Organizational Culture both in 2021 & 2022, April is an internationally known organizational change management expert who has implemented change for government, health care, higher education and corporate clients. April is the author of four books including the bestsellers “READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change” and “READY, Set, CCMP™ Exam Prep Guide".  Contact her at [email protected]