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Resistance is On My Mind

This week many of us experienced what we call a “mass change”. A change that affects a mass group of data, or in this case, a mass of people, stakeholders. This mass change has been a bi-yearly event – where many people in North America “fall-back” and change from Daylight Savings Time back to Standard Time. 

Some people are excited that this is officially the end of Daylight Savings Time. Some of people, like me, are a little wistful about this change. I feel my resistance springing to life as I complain the end of Daylight Savings time. The inevitable feeling of resistance to change is what I'm focusing on in our Wednesday workshop - Rerouting Resistance. Approaching resistance management as rerouting the opposition to change rather than trying to eliminate it completely, which is seems unnecessary and impossible. I don't know that we can totally eliminate resistance it's a natural state. 

Resisting the new in favor of comfort, is human. Our impulse to minimize the impact of change on others and wonder why it’s a big deal is also human.  

Sometimes I find myself resistant to new technology for my business. I find it hard to devote time to learning when I’d rather create a new template or presentation. I feel my resistance in the questions I ask, “Is this something I’ll use” “Can I do this later” and finally, “Do I have to do this?”. 

What would happen if resistance response could be rerouted rather than eliminated? Join us on November 9th to hear more about how to reroute resistance responses and how to help stakeholders, who must adopt change, to move forward and resist the bitterness that can sometimes occur when we feel we don't have a voice or a choice in change adoption.

Recognized as one of the Top 30 Global Guru’s in Organizational Culture both in 2021 & 2022, April is an internationally known organizational change management expert who has implemented change for government, health care, higher education and corporate clients. April is the author of four books including the bestsellers “READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change” and “READY, Set, CCMP™ Exam Prep Guide".  Contact her at [email protected]