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Holiday Memories and Change

What is your most memorable holiday experience as a child? Twinkling lights? Candles? Soap foam snow? Real snow?

As a six-year-old I remember trying to stay up all night to “catch” Santa. We didn’t have a fireplace, so my parents created a cardboard fireplace for Santa to use. I remember hearing Santa arrive through the cardboard chimney and I shook in my bed while waiting for morning. I wasn’t as brave as I imagined I’d be and didn’t rush out of my room to catch him. My mother’s warning about coal in my stocking was echoing in my head.

I can still remember the anticipation, excitement, and trepidation I experienced that night, and even now when a new project is about to go live or I’m about to begin a presentation I’m reminded of the powerful emotions of excitement and trepidation.

Anticipating change creates similar emotions as we move from the known to the unknown. Because learning to lead and navigate the whitewater of rapid change is now an essential skill I want you to know I’m READY to assist you, your teammates, and your organization as you move through change.

Sending love and wishing you, your family and friends, health and connection and peace this holiday.

Recognized as one of the Top 30 Global Guru’s in Organizational Culture both in 2021 & 2022, April is an internationally known organizational change management expert who has implemented change for government, health care, higher education and corporate clients. April is the author of four books including the bestsellers “READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change” and “READY, Set, CCMP™ Exam Prep Guide".  Contact her at [email protected]