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Happy Thanksgiving!


This year I’m feeling especially thankful for the normalcy and the ability to gather that
we’re enjoying right now.

I remember the Thanksgiving dinner when I was twelve and my cousin, Bob, was
eleven. For some reason, we decided we should try to drink the coffee that my aunt had
started in the percolator. After all, the adults seemed to like it, so it must be good –

It was not! We each had a very full Styrofoam cup of the worst possible taste! Sugar
and milk didn’t help in the least. I thought we’d just dump it in the backyard and be free
and clear, but NOOOOO!

As this was not the first Thanksgiving dinner hosting job for my aunt, she knew how
much coffee should have been perking in that percolator. So, when there wasn’t enough
coffee to serve to the adults, and we ran out during dessert – it was cause for a full-
scale investigation, which resulted in my cousin and I confessing our sneaky coffee-
wasting behavior.

We had to dry all the dishes from dinner as punishment for the coffee infringement, our
parents didn’t find this behavior funny in any way.

Now I love coffee, I drink it black and fortunately have a Keurig rather than a Percolator,
so I can have as much as I want.

I’m thankful for this memory and look forward to creating new memories with family and
friends this year.

I’m also thankful to all of you, for the communication and connections we’ve shared. My
hope is to continue to connect and create the world we want to share.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and memorable holiday this year,


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